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About Us


Avishkkar event managers celebrating love, relationships and memorable moments make these unforgettable. We are the experienced event planner in Kochi, Kerala. We work on beautiful projects all over India. We transform the venue to design a fairytale signature space, so you will enjoy a magical, extraordinary and breathtaking day. We provide the full range of wedding services: choosing wedding venues, event design, and execution, organizing public functions, corporate events, cultural program, photography & videography, musical events, award ceremonies, and more. Avishkkar event managers offer a complete, comprehensive solution to guide users and help them save time and costs throughout the entire lifecycle of their events, all while delivering memorable experiences for attendees. Our experience and reputation for excellent customer service and return on investment make us stand out from the competition. our entrepreneurial mind combined with our passion for client relationship building delivers results which exceed strategic and operational goals.


A highly talented team of event management professionals having added dedication & determination encompasses the ethos of Avishkkar. To meet its clientele's exact requirements and to fulfill their expectations, they work really hard with creative passion and strategic understanding across all fields. Performing in a dynamic, resourceful and proactive way, Team Avishkkar ensures that every aspect of your event is catered for by combining experience and creativity with knowhow and technology. A really thick portfolio of success explains it too.



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